Getting your course certificate is a simple 2-step process.

Step-1: Complete your assignment and submission

Complete ALL the steps included in the course and publish your WebApp. The entire activity will take about 1 hour to complete.

To complete Step-1 you need to do the following:

- Log in with your account to

- Click Courses from the left menu list.

- Look for the ‘Teacher Training Certification - Coding and App Development’ course.

- This course is Locked. To unlock and activate the course, use the Activation Code (works like OTP) sent to you on Email and Whatsapp. (Important: This activation code is exclusive to you and can be used only once. Do not share this with anyone.)

- Verify your Name, Email and Contact Number on the pop-up screen below. If any changes are needed, email

- When completing the tutorial pay attention to the following:

  • Highlighted blocks will show up in the left menu bar. You might have to scroll up-down the left menu bar to view them.
  • If there are no more highlighted blocks, you have to Go Forward to the next screen by clicking the Next button (>)
  • The Play button runs your code. To view the app screen click the App View Window.
  • While you are in your tutorial you will not be able to test your login/password (read Step 5 of the tutorial carefully)

- Go right to the end of the tutorial and remember to Save your project after you finish the tutorial (Watch the video below):

- Go back to your Projects and create a WebApp of your saved project

Step-2: Download your certificate

To complete this step you need to do the following:

- Visit and log in

- Click on Edit Profile. Ensure that your Nickname and School Name are accurate (School Name has a 30-character limit). Update the Nickname and School Name, and click Continue. (Important: Your certificate will not be generated if your School Name is blank. Make sure you provide the school name accurately as this will be printed on your certificate)

- Scroll down to the Certificates section on the page

- Click on the certificate image for ‘Teacher Training Certification - Coding and App Development’ to download your certificate (Note: Certificates can take a few seconds to download. Click on the button only once).

Important: The download will fail if the school name has not been updated.

Certification Schedule

Sep 23, 2020Final Day of Training
  • Assignment Course Opens after the final session
  • Activation Code sent to you on Email and Whatsapp
Sep 28, 2020
Final day to submit your Webapp