Plezmo Forums is a vibrant community of Plezmo users who are there to help each other out. You will find answers to a variety of issues raised by Plezmo programmers. You will find teachers there who help out students with their queries. If you have a query on your mind, your best place to find an answer will be the Forums. First, do a quick Forums Search to see if an existing question (similar to the one you wish to ask) already exists. There is a good chance that someone has already asked your question before. If it does not exist, you may Post your question to the forum. You are sure to get an answer from someone in the community. While you are searching the Forums, do have a look at the unanswered questions, and if you know the answer, go ahead and post your answer. After all, the power of the community grows from knowledge sharing. The Plezmo Forums are at

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