3.12.1.Append the strings

Append the strings/numbers.

Example 3.12.1

Append the strings/numbers.

3.12.2.Gives number of letters

Return the number of letters including space in the provided text.

Example 3.12.2

Gives number of letters

3.12.3.Index of the first/last occurrence

Returns the index of the first/last occurrence of the first text in the second text. Returns 0 if text is not found.

Example 3.12.3

Index of the first/last occurrence

3.12.4.Replace all occurrences

Replace all occurrences of some text within some other text.

Example 3.12.4

Replace all occurrences

3.12.5.Split the string


Split the string into an array of strings.

Example 3.12.5

Split the string