3.9.1. Sum of two digits

Return the sum of two digits.

Example 3.9.1

Sum of two digits

3.9.2. Remainder from dividing two numbers

Return the remainder from dividing two numbers.

 Example 3.9.2

Remainder from dividing two numbers

3.9.3. Absolute value of number


Returns absolute value of number

You can select negation, square root,logarithmic value,exponential value also.

 Example 3.9.3

Square Root value of number3.9.4.Trigonometric function


Return the sine of a degree.(not radian).

You can select any trigonometric function.

Example 3.9.4

Trigonometric function

3.9.5.Round the number

Round the number up or down.

Example 3.9.5

Round the number