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Problem faced by my student in doing clicker game

I have created a simple clicker game in the Plezmo app. I wanted to add music to it but even after adding the block for music, it is not working. 
Also, it is not able to source data from the cloud. I was trying to fix the issue and now the App screen 2 of the game has gone blank along with two buttons disappearing. I'm attaching the screenshot of the previous and the current screen. Kindly help me as it is urgent because I am creating it for ATL Tinkerpreneur bootcamp. 
I have already put the query in the Plezmo support several days ago, but got no response so far. 
(467 KB)

Music is only possible by a block of elements that runs on Plezmo physical Element.

If you want than I can solve your query, if you can wait for some while

yes sir can you give at the earliest as we need to submit it .Tinkerpreneur bootcamp 

If you never mind can you share your project zip file with me otherwish you mean to add music to your project is it right. And I am your friend, similar to you, I am also a student and i have done ✅ many projects. Now I am helping other student to solve their problems.

As much I have understand that you want to add images and on every click on image a sound should play.

According to this :-

(3.68 MB)

thanks sir i will check and inform

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