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Can Login to the app

I downloaded the plezmo app but when I opened it it showed me a blank login  popup which had nothing in it.  Pls fix this as soon as possible.


Make sure internet should be on. I hope it help you

Tried it  still not working

Also it gives a Javascript error after closing it 

Try to reinstall Plezmo. This may solve your problem. Can you tell me the JavaScript error

I tried reinstalling, still didn't work. 

Which version are you using

I think it is 4.9 

New version 5.0.0 has been released you can use so.

How Can I update it? I cant login.

I tried it still not working. 

Go to your Control panel, and then program and features. you will see 2 drivers at the end of the install apps.

Just uninstall it, but wait before uninstalling it make sure that in the publisher or in name, Gunicorn or a word similar to that, then you have to uninstall it.

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