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hyperlink and video

Hi ! I have three queries -
1. Can we make hyperlink ?
2. Can we add a video 
3. Can we make a web conferencing video calling app. 

Hello Every One Nice To Meet You All. As I Have Created A Webapp Https://Biotech.Pythonanywhere.Com.

There I Have Uploaded A New Webapp It Is Awesome.You Have Never Think That You Can Do That,Yes . I Have Created A Web App That Will Will Speak What Ever You Have Written In The Text Box Similar To Google. If You Realy Like It Than Plese Post A Comment Or Blog-Post On My Website.



Https://Webinar.Plezmo.Com/Gyd9 |


Okay Thankyou so much


 <a href="">Visit My Website!</a> 



     1. untitled.mp4

     2. untitled1.mp4

     3. untitled2.mp4



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 video follow

(6.82 MB)

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Oh Thanks can you share me the steps to do that so. It will be a great help. And please let me know how to make a hyperlink, as well as meeting conference.
Hay you can make a hyperlink and add video but meeting required you high skills of high level language like js
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