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unable to export

hi hope you all are doing well. i have project name "unemployed youth helper " of 20 app screen for marathon. i am trying to keep a back up of its so that i don't face any problem further . but i am unable to do .  i am able to export all other projects but don't know why i am unable to export it. whenever i clicked on export project option it show nothing. i had also tried its duplicate and but it still not able to export . i had also sent you a troubleshoot . i had made this project in chrome at your website . please solve it as soon as possible

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Hi please reply me. Till 5 days , i am waiting for your answer please reply me. As soon as possible

I had tried but it is still not working

Hi, Please try to logout and login and retry .

hi i started facing one more problem that i am even unable to create a webapp  of the project . kindly help me 

I had not add any gif file and has added just one photo and there are only 19 appscreen in the app . sorry i didnot understand how to see file size when i am unable to export it . please reply me

Hi, before you are uploading the images and the Gif files for app you can check the size  and upload. 

Hi . How I will able to see file or app size. Please tell

Hi please check the  file size or any images size which shouldn't be more i.e. Total app size should be less than 2MB.IF the file size is more than 2MB its not possible to export.

Hi . Please reply
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