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Excuetion aborted

I tried to create a slam book with the help of a community project but in all community project are not creating lists and show all text as an invalid list . I am aslo sharing a screen recording for better understanding.

Thank you so much

I have modified your code for showing the messages according to a specific number.


OK Thank You.  I am creating a project. Let me explain you with an example.  We have given a specific number to all . Like I want to talk to a person whose number is 2 . and the person knew that his/her number is 2 . he go and enter the no. 2 and can seen by me .  But this is not working . Instead of showing this , it is showing message according to index. ....

 I am sharing the zip file of the project through which you will understand yourself . 

Please reply me as soon as possible

Waiting for your reply.

(75.8 KB)


I have written a sample code for showing the entire list on one label and a single element on the label.

(81.6 KB)
Actually I was not asking that I want to know can we display all the names or any information at once . Like all the names . For ex. Name a Name b Name c Just like this

In your employment project what you are doing.. I had shared a zip file in which i shared the code to show how employees name are displayed. In the same way you do to display all others functionality like age, ctc, qualification....

Sorry I didn't understand how to do it. Can you please explain

Hi , yes you can show all elements of lists in label.. You need to follow the same process as you had made to show the name .

Hi .. yes it is working . Thank you . Thank you so much. Can you please also tell . I also want to ask you that can we show all elements of lists at once . Or can say something similar to whatsapp or plezmo support.

Hi I have shared the zip file which help in doing the code further.

(77.1 KB)
Yes. I am creating a app to help unemploymed people . People can give the information about them and people who need workers cam contact to them. And I also want to add more function in it like the people can also chat to the unemployties and no other person could read this chat . I want to create something like this . Have you identified the above problem of my previous post . Please give me solution as soon as possible because I have to create this project today as tomorrow is the last of competition for entry . Please reply me as soon as possible

Hi can you explain the project you are doing so that i can help you out..

hi . I  had set the same code that you have sent in my other project but i do not know what is happening . I am sharing zip file . kindly also check it.  Do not forget to give me answer of my previous post . please reply me as soon as possible as I had to send the project in the competition till  Monday. 

thank you

hope you reply soon.

(77.1 KB)
Thanks a lot. It is working. I also want to ask you that can we show all elements of lists at once . Or can say something similar to whatsapp or plezmo support . If yes, then please provide me code or method / way . Thank you Waiting for your reply

Hi just went through your code... While creating the empty list in cloud data you need to specify the empty list in cloud key value store.

Below is the snapshot which helps you in correcting the code.

Kindly add the corrected blocks in your code & recheck it.


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