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How to Store Lists in Cloud Key Value Store, that I can later derive ?

I set a cloud key value as a new list [10, 20, 30]

But then, when I set a variable's value as the value of the cloud key value, and show the variable's value on a label (after inserting a value) 

 , the result is object Object instead of 10, 20, 30

So, does it mean that we cannot Store Lists in Cloud Key Value Store, in Lists format, that we can later derive as a variable's value ?

Please answer my query as soon as possible, it's very important.

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I am also facing same problem. So have you got answer or able to solve your problem .


The list gets saved in the form of Object Object when you save it as a value in the key values store either as local or cloud data. To get to a particular item you should save the the list (value of a Key) in a variable and then iterate over the list or access values at a particular position.

Hope this helps. 

If there are any questions would be happy to help. 


Hi I had tried but may I didn't able to do it. I am sharing screenshot of the code . Kindly check . I had also shared my project as a community project . When it will approved , it will be easy for you to check my coding mistake Thank you for your reply Hope you will reply soon.


Hi can you attach the zip of the project here?

here the zip file


There are couple of things I noticed in your code. 

1.  Whenever button_READ is clicked you are creating a new list, where as the  value is already a list. So you can remove that block "create list with"

2. Also before you set key in Button_SEND make sure you don't have a value associated with it already. The way you have programmed it right now you are overwriting the value every time. I am not sure what are you trying to get to over here.   

Thank you so much My problem is solved now
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