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Creating App Problem

I create an app of 80 appscreens, but I unable to the web app and Android app of that app. 

Please reply quickly this is very urgent. 

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I try to export my project to file manager, but it is not exporting. 

Please solve my problem this is very urgent. 

I click on troubleshooting logs and submit the trouble , but it only shows a processing icon and therefore I don't know weather the my trouble reach to plezmo community or not. 

Please click the troubleshoot option in the hamburger menu (3 horizontal bars) on the Top Right corner of the app. This should automatically send the troubleshooting logs to us. Our team will then reach out to you with a solution. For further assistance please write to We recommend that you always keep a backup of your projects. Here's how you can do it: Creating a Backup

I upload in troubleshooting logs, but it only shows a processing icon. What can I do? 

Yes, each screen have 1 image. 

@Bibasindhu,  it is really commendable to create an 80 screen app that you have designed. APK generation or WebApp generation may fail if the size of the App is too big (each screen having some images) and may be taking a bit of time to upload and timing out. Would it be possible for you to upload the troubleshooting logs (from the Plezmo App home screen - right side hamburger menu, choose troubleshoot option). Please try generating the webApp and APK and then click the troubleshoot option so that logs would capture the reason and support team should be able to analyze better.

My project properly works, it doesn't show any error. 

Hi, your project is working  on the App?  Whether it is showing any error? 

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