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know info about submit the application for competition .

hi, I don't know where to submit the application made for the ATL STUDENT APP INNOVATION CHALLENGE 2020. If possible please tell me the detailed information regarding it. I would be looking forward to a fast response.

thank you

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Please tell me how to export and import a file. Can you please share a vedio of its


My pleasure
Madam, I have few queries. I was preparing my app for competition but by mistake shared in community. How to delete it now from community projects
Sorry , I am also a student like you who have a many quires amd problem with the application I had to sent in competition. I also need help . Actually I was looking whether my quire is answered or not . Then o saw this forum and I think I should help . And please go and check my forum and help me . I really need help. I also has to submit my entry in competition till tomorrow. Sorry I can't able to help you. Heartfelt apology.

Hi  Jivitesh, Log in to app.. Go to community and select the project you have published & Select the project, you will find delete option to delete it from the community.


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