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A warm greetings My app is not opening . I had created my app in a android. This is very important app. I have to send this app in competition till 4 November Please resolve my problem Please I had also share a attachment.

Please solve my p


Whether the project is opened in the plezmo App.. If its opening there, then create webapp link and check.

And an received Android app link is valid for one day.. You need to install the link once you get it.

No , actually my app coding is not finished yet . I had to add some more function in it. I didn't want to create a web app it now. My app that I has created is not opening in plezmo app . It is just loading. I am also sharing a vedio as an attachment you can see
And please also tell me how a zip file is open

Clear cookies and refresh or  Logout and login and try. 

I had try but still it is not opening

I had a query do we have to submit the link which we have received in our mail, which is valid for one day only, in the competition in the field "Enter the link to your App on the ATL App Development Module"

Hi please click on more option on the app, Then go to Troubleshoot and reply in the troubleshooting with all with all details.

Ok let me try
Mr. Mridul , you have to create a web link if you are submitting your entry through atl app development module . And web link is not valid for a day . It's validity is for life time . So you don't need to worry Hope you understood

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I has submitted . But when I will receive answer . Please tell

Hi Vanshika, can you please export your project and email the zip file to

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