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Multiplayer Gaming

Hello Sir/Ma'am

I am Timsy Raj Gupta.

My age is 10 years.

I want to know how to do muliplayer game coding in Plezmo. Like i have made a quiz game on covid-19 and i want that any person who plays my game can connect with some other person online and play my game with him/her for example we see this in some other games also like snake and ladder,ludo,carrom. So can you please send me the screenshot or a ppt which is consisting these codes.

To PLezmo

From Timsy Raj Gupta

I hope you reply as soon as possible

Waiting for your answer

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I think that here there is need of cloud data... I also don't know exactly what the codes need to be...

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Hi timsy,

Yes, as advay saying you can make use of cloud data.

You can use list to create users with their names and store data on cloud in key value pair .

you can store user names as a list on cloud with key and store all other related data to the cloud so anyone can access your game from different location .

Hope it will help you 

Thank you! 

Happy coding

Hi vrushan patil But still I didn't understand what and how to use this code Can you tell in detail

yes TIMSY RAJ!! for multiplayer we also must have keyboard blocks as given in this link below

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