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Can we add vedio in plezmo ?

I want to is there any way so that we can add vedio

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Ok thanks. I figured out the problem. Actually I had put the link of mp4 only but it was not the proper link. I dont know how to get that link. Can you share me the steps to get the link.
Make sure when you add the link in tab it shouls play video . To check ✔️ ✅ so, you can copy the url and search in browser not in search engine

just import the file in Plezmo.

There is a condition that is →

       → it will accept URL  i.e from HTTPS, not from your system

       → for that I have a solution i.e. you can upload your file on any cloud and then get the URL and change this only.


only support mp4 and Ogg.

For any query contact me.


Okay Thankyou so much. I will try and if I face any other problem, I will surely contact you. Thanks for helping me

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