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Can we add vedio in plezmo ?

I want to is there any way so that we can add vedio

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Currently we do not support adding videos on our platform, but this feature is in the pipeline. Thanks for the recommendation we shall definitely implement it on our platform soon.   

Can we attach vedio now

Hello Arham,

Sorry but we cannot add video yet to code.

Happy coding!

Yes you can,

For your query I have created so,

if you like it than ask for code and first see the app


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Yes please share the code .

don't change any thing except the highlighted part in picture.

I am going to deploy a webapp soon where you can see more and amazing tips and tricks.

from next time all the source code provided from there for free.

I you have another query i am here to solve it.

Hi . Thank you so much for sharing the code but one thing I don't understand that what a this vedio exactly is . I mean is you is label or any other element . Please tell me .
I had . You can check . And I really want to appreciate your work. And the website was really very nice . And one more thing that can you please give me full detail about actually what you had used to add a vedio like a label or any other plezmo element

I saw your profile in my admin panel.

Actually I love web delopment so I learn html, css, js , python and django.

And the website you visited that was whole codded and created by me in 2 months.

If you can see in the code panel there is a tag name html i.e. <html>

And I have used the HTML5 tag name video tag which is very very useful while uploading a video and there's also a audio tag which will help you to add the audio in your web and I have an amazing ideas with him and I created so many apps as well so you want the source code then I am also making a website naming the AI plezmo which will provide you the free source and amazing ideas like how to make a working calculator which will work.

Html code as follows :-


<video src='link of video' type='video/mp4'



<video src='link of video' type='video/mp4' >

 I forgot to close the tag

Hi ! I have a query that I implemented the source same as yours and edited the link of my video. but its just coming like a video box and is not starting. Can you help me with it?

Check the extention that it will only support ogg and mp4 not any thing else
If still getting problem share your app with me
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