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Dear Sir/Maam I have an query that can we upload a link in our apps . The link pf Google forms means when the click it they directly can go to the Google form in their browsers Hope to see the revert soon Thanks Regards

Ok thanks

The website for AIM is only place I can direct you to which is

sorry to disturb you again and again at this time. Please just inform me If you have any email or phone of the team
But actually I am not getting any Contact support to contact Aim team . Are you having any email or phone number , can you please send it to me
Ok thanks

Hi Rasleen,

There is just one competition and it is hosted by AIM so any queries regarding the competition could be sent to the AIM team directly. Sorry about the confusion. 



Please help me out again .
But the competition is accepting entries but the last date is written 15 October so am I eligible now .
Okay thanks
Please help me out
Actually the link that you sent is of other competition according to me . The competition about i am talking is different. I received a email regarding different competition. There are two different competition organized by them. So I am talking about another one. The one which will end on 5th November. The link you have sent for will end on 28 october
Yes i tried to find in this but not able to . Can you help me out

You can contact them via their website


Ok can you please tell that from where can I contact the AIM team.

Dear Rasleen,

For any queries regarding the contest, please contact the AIM team in this regard.

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