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URGENT: How to open call dialler & whatsapp chat window on button click


I am developing a mobile app in Plezmo.  My app screen has 2 buttoons:  

1.  Call:  On button click, it should open the call dialler

2. Whatsapp:  On button click, it should open Whatsapp chat window.

How to implement this functionality?

Kindly reply ASAP. Its urgent.

-Thank you,

 Shalmali Mehta

Sorry these functionalities are not possible yet. 

Thanks for the reply.

But I need to implement them.  I understand that through block code, its not possible. Could I do something in the background python code?

Please guide

So you have to add 2 appscreens . Program it to navigate form the present app screen to Call dialer appscreen. Means when you click on Call button it should navigate to call dialer appscreen where you can see the details about call dialler.

And when you click on the whatsapp button again navigate it to Whatsapp chat window.For programming 

Please go through the topic Button in the And also community projects.

You can just add the details about call dialer and the number in different appscreen. But you can't add directly the what's app link and Dialer details. AS the functionalities are not available.

can I connect with MS-SQL database with plezmo?

No, but to store data persistently you can use the feature of Plezmo app - Cloud data or Local data. You can refer these articles -  &

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