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Alarm Clock

I am making an app which needs an alarm clock. Can you guys please tell me the code to make an alarm clock?

Hi sir/madam, you can go to Expand control category and then go in  variable here you will find a way to increment or decrement the timer .Use two buttons to select and then set the time on the clock. You can also add music  to your project  so the alarm can beep.

And also please refer the projects in the community section, it will help you for making your project.

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dear sir/maam 
As you answered another person's query - you can also add music to your project 

So can you please guide me how to add music in 
I am using online version. 

Thank you Vineetha.S for helping me, but I need the code to make an alarm clock. You have given me the code to make a timer.

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