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Wrong name in certificate

Respected Ma'am,

My certificate is generated in the name of "Sarabjeet Kaur". However the corrected name is "Dr. Sarabjeet Kaur".

Request you to please help in the name correction on certificate.

My coder profile is :

Warm regards,

Dr. Sarabjeet Kaur

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Hello , The name have been taken directly from the input provided from your side . I would request you to please go throught the link again to understand the process .

Sir, I do understand ,but now the mistake is there and has to be corrected so please give resolution. Regards, Sarabjeet

Please try to send your queris mentioning all details to the

Sir, I have already entered activation code I have done the changes in my profile but how do I change in this project
. As told by u, I visited the above link but activation code is already entered ,what to do

Yes , That is ok please try to send the queris to our support mail with al the details , Will try to figure out your issues

Thanx a ton ! For the timely help
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