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E-Homework app-cloud data

 When i am executing this application, every time user name is changing and also assigned work to students.I saved as my application ,but it seems we all are accessing the same application.

Please help

Hi Sarora,

The username and password for the app is set by the user the first time they run the application. To recover the password you can go to the "cloud data" by clicking on the 3 dots as seen in the image below



- not able to open      e classroom   homework app  project in webapps as well as in project in plezmo app coder  . username and password invalid shows" kidly provide me username as well password to access

Every time you have to change cloud date.

If we are sharing webapp link to students and giving them some homework, but if in the mean time if any other teacher login and change the cloud data, the students will be seeing the changed one. How it can be prevented?

Can you please suggest how to execute my project. As I am unable to login in Teacher Access. Please assist in steps.

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