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went problem when i activate with code DM45

i got a message once i put code on on tutorial 

Your new activation code is resent on your email address, please check your mail and try again. Also please do not share it on the forum or with anyone as it can be used only once and works just like an OTP.

plz go through screenshot 

(31.6 KB)

Hi, Once you enter the activation code click on Verify.

What pop-up message you are getting can you send the screenshot of it.

please go through screenshot for appcoder  

(42.5 KB)
(49.8 KB)
(47 KB)

Hello - can you share the screenshot of the problem you are facing?

dear i am not able to access with send activation code DM45 on tutorial . once i verify with give code it shows problems . i can not further proceed 

please resolve my problem  

Hello, are you able to proceed further?

Follow the steps provided here:

(Note: this has been updated to address feedback from other teachers)

Step-2 mentions how to update the school name and download certificate.

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