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Facing some issues

Dear Sir/ Ma'am 
I am having some problems in my account , please help me  - 
1. I had made an account in plezmo with my another email id and my nick name of that account is shown wrong .

2. I had registered myself for teacher training course and was going to do that course on my same account so when the verification of names , phone numbers pop up in front of me, It showed me another name.
3. As it was showing another name in my same account so i made a new account with my registered email id and then the name was showing correct , I attempted the course , When i was opening the certificate it told me that the school name is not there. The certificate cant be generated. i have entered my school name but then also its showing me school name is not there. 

4. After doing the course , i tried to export my projects from my previous account into my device and then import to my new account from which i attempted the course but it was not importing. 


1 and 3. Follow the steps provided here:

(Note: this has been updated to address feedback from other teachers)

Step-2 mentions how to update the school name (& nickname) and download certificate.

4. Are you using for both you accounts?

The desktop is different and projects from cannot be imported into it.

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Ok thanks , I have got my certificate yesterday. Ok , the projects can't be imported . Thanks for the information.
Yes i am using for both of my accounts.


Can you let us know what error you are getting while importing the project?

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