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To Generate Certificate Problem

Respected Sir/ ma'am

I have already filled my school detail in your google form link. So i have complete the step by step of project but after complete the project certificate generate problem. So i request solve the certificate generate problem 

Thanking you 

Mnaoj Kumar

Manish Papneja Memorial Public School, Ismailabad Kurukshetra 


Follow the steps provided here:

(Note: this has been updated to address feedback from other teachers)

Step-2 mentions how to update the school name and download certificate.



Your record has been updated . Please relogin to to get updated certificate. Relogging is important for the certificate to be updated

MPM Public School Ismailabad

Name should be less than 30 characters so that it can fit the certificate

MPM Public School Ismailabad, Kurukshetra 

School name "Manish Papneja Memorial Public School, Ismailabad Kurukshetra " will not fit on the certificate. Can you please provide shorter name?

Respected Sir/Ma'am

I specified the same email id : and it must be a mistake and please consider this email id for the certification process.

Thanking you 

Manoj Kumar

Manish Papneja Memorial Public School ismailabad, Kurukshetra 

We are not able to locate in the school name submission data. Which email address did you specify?

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