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Generation of Certificate

Dear Ma'am/Sir,

   This is to bring to your notice that even after registering the school name and after going through the Teacher's Training Certificate ,my Certificate could not be downloaded as it is displaying no school name so certificate cannot be generated.

  Kindly look into the matter ,my Coder's Profile is -


Antara Ghosh

(172 KB)

Your record has been updated. Please relogin to to get correct certificate.

Dear Team Plezmo,

I followed all the steps of tutorials and finished my e_Homework_App WebApp. My Coder profile is showing the badges but not the name in Certificate. I filled up the form in step1 also.

Please help me out. 

My coder Profile link is

This issue has been resolved. Please relogin to to download the certificate.

I logged in again but still I can't see my name in the Certificate.Please resolve this issue.

Dear Team Plezmo, I logged in again but I still couldn't find my Certificate. Help me out to resolve this issue. My school's name is - The Newtown School

Your record has all the details. Please try to login in an incognito window and try to download the certificate.

I tried from other browser also but still the certificate is not there with my name and school name.

Please attach the screen shot.

I completed Coding and App development webinar and also completed the course. But unable to download the certificate(School Name not available). My registered mail id is

Kindly assist

@Mpande-asd, Your record has been updated. Please relogin to to get correct certificate.

I have attached my screen-shot it was showing a certificate without name but now in coder profile it is showing that No certificate earned...why such things are happening in the coder profile..please help

Cant find the screenshot. shows the certificate.

Sir I mailed you the screenshot..ok I am sending again. Sometime Coder profile is showing sometime not. When I am clicking on the certificate(without name) for is showing School Name not found..

i face same problem . i fill form with school name but after compliting my tutorial can't download certificate.

plz resolve this issue.

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