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Generation of Certificate

 Dear Sir/ madam,

I have completed teacher training certificate program and created eHomework app through the steps by using  Activation code but certificate is not generated till now.


Er. G. K. Azad

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Dear Sir,

Appreciate if i could be getting the certificate generated on completion of teacher training certificate program and created ehowework and classwork app through the steps using activation code .i(tried and completed thrice)

i understand the fact may be due to my absence on the first day as the time difference here in Kuwait was misunderstood by me and it was the only  issue but i did request for marking me attendance and i did follow it up with the first days recording of' hello world 'program.

i have been listening carefully to all the classes taking out my time from the hectic schedule daily  and feel disappointed when i learn that i am not eligible for the certificate.

I have learnt a lot and i have already spoken to my senior and junior students about plezmo and i would like to have a long relationship with plezmo.

it would be a boosting factor if i get the e certificate in my name.

Thanking you for your kindness and understanding and above all for your time in reading through my concern....looking forward to a positive reply in my mail from your team.....

@Gkazad, Did you login to and check your profile for the certificate?

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Yes Sir 

I did


After completing the tutorial successfully and created the web app. I am not able to download certificated below mentioned error.



I did not receive the activation code to complete the course. My registered mail id is

Kindly assist.

Hello Albin Daisy - what is your coder profile link and school name?

We will check and get back. If you have completed the course the certificate will be generate.

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Dear Sir, 

My coder profile is and school Name: UADYA PUBLIC SCHOOL AYODHYA

With Regards,

Er. G. K. "Azad'

Coder profile is

School name: Smart Indian School

My coder I'd:

School name 

Smart Indian School

@Albin Daisy, please logout and login to and get the updated certificate

@Gkazad your certificate can be seen at Please login to to download the certificate

I logged out and logged in again and sorry still can't view the certificate...

Hello Albin - are you not able to download your certificate? The certificate thumbnail is visible in your coder profile page.

One thing you can try is open a private (incognito) window in the browser and try to open the coder profile and login.

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