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Regarding certificate

Respected Sir,

    As per the form that was to be filled earlier regarding details of school name the characters were not accepted so i entered the short name as suggested by maam. that is School name- PIS, Wagholi, Pune .But it was not intimated that the problem has been resolved regarding characters of school name. I have dedicated these 10 days to complete the course and explore myself to new technology. Kindly do the needful.I want this certificate to be earned for my efforts.If I have to do the process of tutorial again let me know .My School name is Podar International School,Wagholi,Pune. But earlier it didnt accept so many characters so i mentioned in short as per the instruction.Please help me out to get the certificate.i will be very grateful to plezmo team.

Thanks and Regards 

Ashwini Taru

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Not able to see the certificate

We are looking into this issue and we will post and update shortly.


Team Plezmo

Kindly mail the certificate as I did the entire process and attending all the sessions. 

Can you send the certificate. 

Please try downloading the certificate now

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