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Getting issues in certificates.

I have completed my tutorials but still unable to see my certificates.

 you have not earned any certificates yet this error is showing.

so, please guide me for the same.

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We are looking into the issue and will get back with an update shortly.

Team Plezmo

Dear sir/ ma'am,

when i Login to my , so in the Course Tab I cannot find any course in my profile.. It is written that No Course Available. What should I do in this case please guide me.

Thanks and regards

Smita Dhandar

Please check your courses tab now. All courses should now be available.

We are looking into the certificates issue and will post an update shortly.


Team Plezmo.

Dear sir/madam How can I get my certificate. I am not able to get it.

Certificate download should work now

not able to download the certificate it is showing error please help

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Please send an email to and mention your registered email address and school name

Did you logout and login?

Hello Ma'am

Still not able to download the certificate it is showing error.

How can I get my certificate

Respected Ma'am, 

Still the problem is unresolved it's still giving failed to get the certificate error.

Hello Ma'am,

School name is not available. Certificate cannot be generated. Please contact 

Now it's showing this type of error.

Thanks & Regards

I have already submitted the school name detail then also i am getting same error.  

Why. That means this training is waste of time. If you are getting error to generate my certificate. After giving my all the information.
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