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Shifting a project and changing nick name

I have made an app from my another email id , i want to shift that project to my other email Id . Can I do that ? and in my account its taking anther nick name that i have not entered . I want to change my nick name so can i shift the app to my another email id account and can i change my nick name.

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Ok thanks, will try

What do you want the nickname to be?

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Anuroop Kaur 

Anuroop Kaur 

You full name is already correct.

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Ok , So the nick name that is present over there will be seen or my full name 

I have got a certificate and the name is coming else not Anuroop Kaur. Please help me to change  

Hello, please note that the certificate will have your full name on it. Please confirm once you complete the course and download the certificate. 


Team Plezmo

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Could you please send us an email with your Coder profile link on ?

I have sent an email .

And got the reply to ask here on this website . 

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