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Duration of approval prior sharing with Plezmo Community

Sir / Madam

Thank you for an wonderful opportunity for learning and creating apps. 

I would like to know that how long it takes to get approval before sharing it to the Plezmo community?

Today on 22.09.2020 I have shared my 2 completed apps with the community. 

These are pending for approval.

Yesterday I have sent My School Form also at late evening, due to power cut

My course ends today

So will it be considered ?


Barna Sengupta

hello - our team reviews and approves each project on the community. typically takes a week or so.

Thank you for the reply to my email. My training is ending on23.09.2020; what I feel it would be better if the use of desktop app can be explained in detail in future for all new learners. Especially about  how to import own app  to the desktop app from one's device, after the actual app get published as .apk or webapp format from the  app coder website.  

Interestingly I asked on the forum of the @support about this process of sharing ,but I didn't get a reply. Then I myself thought and try it on my own. So it worked I had imported my own created projects on the screen of my desktop Plezmo app. After that I shared to the community. 

For all new learners I am sharing this from my experience

  1. Finish your app on the
  2. Then publish as android and web app format.
  3. Check your registered email for the links sent to you after the process of publishing.
  4. Download two different file format from the link sent to you.
  5. Save these files safely to your system.
  6. Download the Plezmo desktop app from their platform for your system.
  7. Install it and open it.
  8. Login with the same email and password.
  9. The desktop app will not show your apps. This is the important point to remember. 
  10. You need to click on the three lines found at the right hand upper corner.
  11. Select, import files.
  12. Browse your already downloaded app files and upload them to your desktop Plezmo app.
  13. Now you can see the share icon. Just click on it
  14. select share to the community
  15. A dialogue box will open; informing that the sharing is pending.

So these are the steps to share app from desktop to the community. 

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Hello - great to see your enthusiasm! thanks for helping everyone. do keep it going.

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