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Failed to download experiment

From last 3 days when I try to open my projects school info app and quiz , I am unable to do so. The screen shows failed to download experiment. Please help as I need to complete my projects .

Nobody is replying to the query I have been posting this continuously. I also started my project all over again and that too is now showing “failed to download experiment”. Is there a solution to it. I have been really trying hard to learn and apply but it is all in vain. It was said that your query would be addressed but I haven’t received any response.


Our team is looking into this. Will get back shortly. Sorry for the delayed response.

Hi Almost 7 days back is received
I have no access to my projects. It is sad state. I have been seeking help and last date of submission has also gone. Now even after attending the complete course, I am not able to get the certificate. Please help


To get your certificate you need to follow the following steps:

Have you done this and still not got your certificate?

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