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How to get my projects in Plezmo app?

How to get my projects that I have created in Appcoder in Plezmo app?

I have imported the project and selected the desired project. But it is not getting uploaded , I tried it yesterday and today also. I can only the three dots 

You can follow below procedures for importing the projects in Plezmo App from browser built Plezmo

Open your Plezmo web browser built

  1. Go to projects section & Click on more options.
  2. Click on Export Project.
  3. Your project will be saved in Zip file in your selected folder.

Now open your Plezmo App & Log in,

  1.  Click on the 3 horizontal bars at the top-right end of the plezmo App.
  2. Click on Import Project & Select the saved project which you have exported in above process.
  3. You projects will be saved in Project section.

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