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Questions on Publishing App and Submitting Projects

Sir / Madam

Today i have received two emails , stating that these are my download links of the completed MY SCHOOL APP. Links will be valid for 1 day.

Links are not opening.

Now after receiving these links, what are the next procedures , I want to get it clear, how I will confirm that my project / projects are getting submitted?

As link for submitting daily project always show me "NO SUBMISSION" Even on the day I get the link for daily submission , it shows "No Submission"


Barna Sengupta

2 people have this problem


No Submission means that you do not need to submit anything to us.

Can you share the link here?

The link is the webapp you have created. You should then open and test it.

Not opening even on Edge 

We will check and get back.

We have resolved the problem you were facing regarding your webapp. Please check now.


Your webapp is working now. It looks great! Well done!

Apologies for the issue faced earlier. It was problem at our end while deploying the  webapp.

Thank you.  Can you help me with another query ? My account dash board is not displaying in detail, only a small number under the face icon.

How can I edit my profile? If I want to add a picture , or how can I see what I have completed , submitted, etc


Hello, Currently you cannot edit your profile. 

I've created an andorid app. Link of that have been sent by email, but it's showing 'this web app is stopped.' What I do now? Plzzzzz help me. plzzzzz

Hello - you can generate the android app again. The link is automatically removed after 1 day.

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