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Coder Profile is empty

Respected Team members,

I could not view my coder profile. It is empty even though I have published my projects and generated android app and webapp link successfully.

Kindly find the attachment of the screenshot for the same.



Hi, Open incognito window in browser. then open this link type & Enter in incognito window.   login you will able to see it

I tried opening it in incognito window, still its not showing my profile.

Did you login to Which browser are you using?

Swarna and Rehana, can you please try accessing the coder profile again? We have made certain changes for it to work.

Respected Sir,

Good afternoon.

Your WebApp is deployed and available for accessing.

WebApp Access Link:

The above is the webapp link generated. But still the coder profile is empty. i cannot see anything in it.

Kindly find the attachment. it looks the same.



Can you please attach screenshot of complete browser window? (including address bar)

Ya sure Sir.

ya sure sir.


Good Afternoon. I tried in Incognito Window as well. But is showing empty only.

Here is the attachment.


I am sorry to ask this again but what appears below the header? (below the Plezmo logo) All the screenshots seem to include only the upper small portion of the page.


I have created some apps. But it's not showing in coder profile. Only the number of apps created is shown. But the apps are not seen in the coder profile when I enter with Please find the attachment for the screen short. 


We made a few changes yesterday. Please check if your profile loads now.

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