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Cant find my Project - Can't enter appcoder,

Visited the link that was posted during the class and followed the instruction to remove cookies and restarted my computer but now I am not able to open the appocoder page at all. It is getting redirected to this  -

as I am typing showing a white page. 


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My projects are not visible to me and I am not being able to login into plezmo account can u send me the refreshed to login into plezmo

Hello, we have resolved a small glitch at our end. Now your projects should be visible upon loading .

If you can see all of your projects in incognito window and not in not in normal browser,  it means that the cookies in your browser are not cleared yet.  

Based on the feedback received from users, we have updated the article cover the steps required to clear cookies in your browser.

Simple way to ensure that the cookies are cleared properly in browser is that make sure that url reads “”.  and following image shows up before loading app.


Hello we have resolved the issue of projects not getting listed. Can you please go to and then 

Please try the steps provided in this article.

Upon completing steps mentioned in article, make sure the url reads, then your projects will be visible.

Meanwhile you can go to in incognito window. All your projects will be visible there.

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