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change my profile name in plezmo app

I have registered teachers course and my son's student course with the same email id

The problem is when I login on  I can see my name on profile.but when  I  login  on plezmo app I  can see my son's name on the profile.I just want to have my name on the profile of plezmo app so that my projects for teacher course certificate will have my name .

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What should be the name in Plezmo app? Please note that one email address is associated with only one profile.

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I am Waiting

We have changed it. Please check.

Hi i want to change my username to vivpat is it possible

- Login to

- On the profile page, click on Edit Profile

- On profile edit page, change the name

Please see the attached screenshot

Thanks very much it was very helpful

I had i more problem that i had made an app named berry finder clicker game and it took me about 1-2 months to make it but after some time when i logged in to plezmo the project was no longer there i tried to somehow find it but i could not. Then i made the app the second time and it again got deleted please help me as i dont know how to get it back without making it again.

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