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1.My projects are not visible in my app coder login anymore.

2. I cannot access my coder profile. It shows blank screen.

I have tries refreshing, clearing caches and using incognito window. 

Hi, The project is not deleted. It will start showing in new build which will be available in couple of hours."

Hello, we have resolved the issue of your Coder Profile, can you please try accessing it again?




Sir, I have posted the attachments for reference. It is what it is showing please help.

Hello we have resolved the issue of projects not getting listed. Can you please go to and then 

Please try the steps provided in this article.

Upon completing steps mentioned in article, make sure the url reads, then your projects will be visible.

After following the above steps also I could not see my Projects on the Dashboard. Please tell me what to do?


After completing the steps, the steps mentioned in article, the url should read In the screenshot attached above, the url reads something else. Please try clearing cookies. Else, you can load the in incognito window as well.

Madam, I have opened the in the incognito window it is showing like this which I am attaching, here I can see only one project the other project which I made today in the morning could not be seen.


Please check now. We have restored your project.

Now I can see my project in the incognito window at 4.43 pm. Thanks for solving it. so every time I have to open in this incognito window only and complete my project.

We have uploaded a screencast in article

Please follow that screencast to resolve the problem at your end. 

If you can see all of your projects in incognito window and not in not in normal browser,  it means that the cookies in your browser are not cleared yet.  

Based on the feedback received from users, we have updated the article cover the steps required to clear cookies in your browser.

Simple way to ensure that the cookies are cleared properly in browser is that make sure that url reads “”.  and following image shows up before loading app.


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