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Sudden disppaerance of my projects

Two of my projects, one completed and the other one incomplete disappeared from my dashboard. I had to create another quiz project all the way in a hurry for today's class.

My completed project is there in my coder profile, but incomplete project is no where ti be found. 

Please help me to find my disappeared projects.

I also faced the same problem.My all project disppeared from my dashboard.How can i retreive them please help.

Two of my projects are disappear from my project list.  One of these project I had published on both web and android yesterday only. Pl do the needful and now when I am going to it is not at all opening. It is showing following message.


Hi, The project is not deleted. It will start showing in new build which will be available in couple of hours."

Please use url

We have uploaded a screencast in article

Please follow that screencast to resolve the problem at your end. 

Meanwhile you can view your projects in incognito window.

Hello, we have resolved a small glitch at our end. Now your projects should be visible upon loading .

If you can see all of your projects in incognito window and not in not in normal browser,  it means that the cookies in your browser are not cleared yet.  

Based on the feedback received from users, we have updated the article cover the steps required to clear cookies in your browser.

Simple way to ensure that the cookies are cleared properly in browser is that make sure that url reads “”.  and following image shows up before loading app.


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