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Deletion of my two projects from the dashboard.

I had made two projects - one of the info app which have already been published and the other one was a quiz which i made yesterday. Today, when i opened my account , there was no project on the dashboard. Kindly help to restore them

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I followed according to your instructions, but in vain not able to locate my project! Kindly help me to retrieve it.


I tried as instructed but in vain!

I am still not able to see my Project either in Dashboard & Project Sections of my account in

But I can see my TJISK App in both form -  WEB APP & APK in but my Project is not even visible here also.

Kindly help me to see the same so that I can work on the same to upgrade it.


Thankyou so much

If you can see all of your projects in incognito window and not in not in normal browser,  it means that the cookies in your browser are not cleared yet.  

Based on the feedback received from users, we have updated the article cover the steps required to clear cookies in your browser.

Simple way to ensure that the cookies are cleared properly in browser is that make sure that url reads “”.  and following image shows up before loading app.


Hello, @Anukhurana29 we have resolved a small glitch at our end. Now your projects should be visible upon loading in incognito window,

I have got four issues:

1. After publishing in both Android App and Web App, I received two links in my email account. Web App is perfectly running in my laptop, but the Android App in not working properly in my mobile - The Text in the Labels are overlapping the images in all three screen! Why is it happening and how to correct it.

2. To see my project(app) in the Community I followed the instructions in of how to clear the cookies and afterwords reload the followed by pressing Shift+Ctrl+r. But to my dismay my app which is already published for which I got acknowledgement through mail got deleted from both of my Project as well as Dashboard Sections. Kindly help to retrieve it.

3. How to locate and also can see my app in the Community. I did search it by the Project(App) Name, but got an error message "No projects available yet!"

4. Button on the Home Screen in Web App is showing "Take A Tour" in the Laptop, but in Android App it is showing "Take A" only in the Mobile. Kindly guide a correction method for the uniformity.

Thu, 9:11 PM


I am facing the same issue. Two of my projects got deleted automatically. One of which was complete (school info app) and the web app of the same was created. And the other quiz app was under construction. I tried everything, from deleting cache memory and cookies to waiting for few hours to opening the link in incognito window. Nothing is actually helping.

We have uploaded a screencast in article

Please follow that screencast to resolve the problem at your end. 

Meanwhile, you can view your projects in incognito window.

Hi, The project is not deleted. It will start showing in new build which will be available in couple of hours."

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Already refreshed number of times but still showing the same- NO PROJECTS.

Hi, kindly refresh the browser and check it

same issue

I am also facing same issue I published one and the other one was incomplete and today I found nothing on my dashboard when I logged in to complete my project.

Yesterday i asked that whether we can change our user name or nick name once Plezmo id is made but no reply to this also.

same problem with me????

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