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Set block is not doing well

Hey! New problem there I set my set block but yet it's showing that it's not doen

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Hi, instead of adding leat variable there type a word & check 

for example try adding what i showed  below


Hey but it's yet showing this

Hi,  replace the your variable block with the text block.

You replace leat variable block with text block.

Can you share the zip file of your app

I do what you say but it's not working properly. See I press done it should go to next screen but it's showing wrong.

Hi can you send the screenshot of all your codes or zip file of your code... so that i can go though it & help you in solving the issues

Hey there is no opinion to send it in zip file and I don't have any idea how can I send

Kindly find the pic below, select your project in that select more options( 3 dots), the click on the Export to device... the your project will saved in selected folder in zip file....

You can send that saved project zip file here by click on Attach a file


Thanks I will send it by tomorrow
A made my zip file but no opinion to upload zip file tell it again olease

Hi when you are posting a comment you will find +Attach a file. Click on that & upload the zip file


I am doing this from mobile that's the problem taking place. Now I get that this is to do with pc

Hi.. Try to click on file & select the zip file ... if not then upload with computer

Hey! I add the zip file check it out and help me to solve this problem


Hi unable to open the zip file what you have shared


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