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Quiz 6th Course

hello, I am not able to get the results for the quiz in course 6 in the app development module. It loads, but the results are not visible. Please check.

(200 KB)

2 people have this problem

plz reply urgent 

This is exactly the same issue I am also facing. I have completed all the 3 steps in the 6th course and answered the questions in the quiz (Creating WepApp in Plezmo)

When I click on Finish Quiz, it shows the following message

  " Quiz complete. Results are being recorded."

This seems to be some bug in the course. There seems to be an internal 400 error by the server.

Please clear the browser and cookies and retry.

Me too facing the same issue. Now I am not even able to attempt the quiz.

me too facing the same issue. Please look into it Plezmo team as I need to finish the course today.

Hi, I have experienced the same problem....I advice you to login in a another device then you would be able to get your score for the quiz....


I also experienced the same problem....I advice you to login  into  another device and then try again....You might be able to get the result as I got the score....

Yes,you should try it from another device is it worked in my case

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