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Variable is not responding correctly

Hey! I make a escape game in that I command that if my variable =525 it goes to next canvas.... but if not then it shows incorrect. But if we type 525 it's not going to next app screen and showing incorrect.. please help me to solve my proble.

Hi , I hope you have used the "Condition" there to check the no inside the variable ,You might have done some error while writing those condition . I would like to suggest you please check the "Conditional Statement " again . If you still gets the error, please try to share the zip file so we can check it at our end . Happy Coding !

I am adding my photo so that you can see my coding for that
So I am adding my file so that you can help me to solve it...thank u

Hey Hi , I can see the image you shared but its very blur and not visible at all . So If you could share the "Code zip " file then so we can help you out with your query 

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