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Unable to execute my Android/ Web app


I am unable to open either of my Android or Web app. Whenever I open it, it keeps on loading for too long, and ultimately I have to close it. Is my code too long or is there any other problem that results in slow processing of app. Please guide me to solve this issue.

Hi Tanmay,

I wont be able to comment on this without seeing your code. If you upload the code I can try this from my account and post an update 

Same problem sir..

Can I get your number sir? So that I will send to you alone because I don't want to show it to others..Please help sir..

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Hi Sagarika, Unfortunately I cannot share my number. 

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I agree with @Sagaraarunkumar12. I have dedicated a lot of time on this project. It doesn't seem comfortable to me to share this project publicly. I would be grateful if you can connect to me (I still consider sharing a secondary email account is better). I hope you understand, sir. Thank you for your efforts.

Sir then could you post your mail? Or could you leave a mail ?

Please exports your project and email the ZIP file to Also share link to your webapps in the same email.

Thank you so much PLEZMO team for your help and efforts. Your timely responses helped me to solve the issue. For those who are facing the same issue, go through your code once to remove extra undefined codes and elements (as I had a complete block with just code but the element name was not defined).

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