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I am not able to execute my project twice

my plezmo desktop application is only executing a project , and the android app (apk file) is responding in a weird way after the first execution eg: the lives & time are  going to negatives 

Hi can you recheck the code again in your desktop before creating the android app... & recreate the android APP link

I did , sorry I said it is only executing once in the desktop application.

It was responding normally in the first execution. I was doing the clicker game course project.

i checked the codes. The same problem is happening to the projects in the community also.


Can you please try troubleshooting the problem from the app by going to more options(Three horizontal lines on the top right corner of the Plezmo homepage) and then please give access to your logs.

 Also give detailed description about the problem including the details of the device you are on and the Plezmo version you are using which you can see from more options -> About.

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