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Can't open the plezmo app

Can't operate the app only. Please guide. The app is loading and loading and loading and never opens any project. Also closes automatically. 

Hi you can try to refresh it... & open after sometime

The app is opening but the program is not opening. Attaching a file. Please review it

Hi you can try to refresh it... & open after sometime

i wil try

it is still not opening but i can other people's project

If problem still persists you can follow below given steps...

Please click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal bars) in the top right of your Plezmo app. Click Troubleshoot. Enter the requested details and send to the Plezmo support team. This will help the team view your error logs so that they can help you with a solution.

It is showing could not upload the problem

Hi you can try checking later....Or you can mail to

I have written the mail at

Should I uninstall the app and then again install it and then log in? Please tell and also tell that if I uninstall my programs will not vanish na?

Before uninstalling you need to save all your projects first..if not your programs will get vanished

There is no option of saving

Hi in projects section you can see 3 dots...Click on more options & Click on option export to device..It will ask for destination folder... & click select... All the projects will save in zip file



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