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Issue with my code

I think there is some issue with my code. Sharing my code. Please tell the mistakes I have made. 

(32 Bytes)

Please guide me coz there is another problem in my program. I am not able to see the name of high scorer in my clicker game. And this should not happen 

There is now another problem. when i am clicking the strawberry, the program is not keeping track of it 

Can you please share .zip of your code instead of .Json files, alternatively paste the screenshots of your code. As I understand there are 2 issues 

1. High scorer name not displayed 

2. Clicking of the strawberry not working 

sure sending


Hello???! Please solve my problem 

Please reply

Hi you can check the clicker game  project which has been updated in Community section

Project name : webinar 19 may completedimage

Kindly check you codes again by checking with respect to the above project

Thanks a lot !! I will check the code and i will correct it 

Happy Coding...

I have checked all the codes. it is as same as the one code that you had given me for the reference.should i share the photos or put the app in the community so that you can see it. Tell me

Hi just gone through the coding zip you have shared earlier... Need to rectify it.. You code pic has been attached here

In Whenever message start_the_timer is received

the logic condition is to be or  but  you have mentioned and...

Kindly change to or condition & check the code again


now it is coming. You have helped me a lot. really really thank you!!!!! Thank you once again

Great & Thanks.... Happy Coding......

hello,Acutally while making my webapp the cloud data graphs has only come only one time after that its saying ERROR!Exection Aborted

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