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plezmo app


Your Android app is available for download. The download link will be valid for a day.

App location:


Team Plezmo

i got this message from plezmo team when i created my android app

it is written The download link will be valid for a day. then after a day how can i download it

how can I download my app from play store? Is this  compulsory to every student that they have also plezmo app in their phone 

Hi Shaurya,

The apk link is available for download for only one day, once downloaded you can install it and then there is no need to download it again. If you haven't downloaded the link, you can again click on ''Create Android app'' option to regenerate the apk link again.

Hi Afsanachaush,

Can you please specify which app you are talking about,? If it is the Plezmo app you are talking of then you can download it from Play store but please read this article before doing so -

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