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Project is not opening

I am working on a project in the App Development Course. When I open the project, it is not moving farther than the loading screen. The 3 dots screen is the only screen I can see. I faced this issue on the earlier device too. I had imported the project into another laptop to see if it was an issue with the laptop. The problem persisted. I had tried restarting the system also but it still doesn't move past the screen.

I have progressed until Course 4 in the App Development Course. I have not completed the course yet. I cannot move farther than this because my project refuses to start.

I have sent a troubleshooting log on the app also. Hoping the issue will be fixed soon.

(Attaching a screenshot for clarity.)

dots keep moving for minutes

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Hi have found solution now . Is it start opening

Could you please tell the solution? because even i am facing same issue

i am facing the same issue here it is very important for me and the submission is day after tomorrow please help me here is the screenshot 


Hello ,

it's happen because of internet connectivity please try again  and if problem continues please troubleshoot it.

Thank you!

Happy Coding!

I have tried this .
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