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Not able to create the android app

I have been working on the 6 level android app course where we create our own game. I have completed about 81 percent of the level 4 module and am unable to proceed further as I get message : FAILED TO CREATE APP. This happens when i am trying to create  the app.

I have tried changing several things to see if it works like changing the berry size, changing the berry image itself, but unfortunately nothing has changed. 

I would appreciate if you could guide me. 


Your efforts are really admirable;

as you have completed till the 4 module and if you have done some designing part for next modules and the coding part is not completed properly then this kind of error occurs  while creating the APP so kindly go ahead and compete the whole project with all coding part, and then create the APP.

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Thank you, ma'am for replying. I will do as you suggest and if i face any further problem, will check with you once again. 

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