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Failed to created app

When I am clicking on create android app it's coming failed to create app of this project

If you still unable to create the android link,Kindly follow the below steps


Please click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal bars) in the top right of your Plezmo app. Click Troubleshoot. Enter the requested details and send to the Plezmo support team. This will help the team view your error logs so that they can help you with a solution.

sir i had sent it to plezmo team .I hope  i would get a solution as fast as possible 

Sure... Happy coding

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Sir I had troubleshoot it but not got any response.By which date my problem will be cleared ?
Please tell sir waiting for your response When will my problem cleared.

Hi our team is verifying it, will come with the solution at the earliest

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Ok sir

Please use Troubleshoot option as indicated. We have received your emails but we need logs that get uploaded with Troubleshoot option.

Sir you had told me earlier and I had done it 2 days ago . With detailed information.

thank you sir my problem is solved 


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